Tales of a Barbecue Wife

Interviews by: Catherine Stiles

Portraits by: Wyatt McSpadden

While some of you may or may not know this by now, I became a "Barbecue Wife" when my husband opened a craft style barbecue joint in Austin, Texas in 2011, and we've been on this Barbecue adventure ever since. I was 9 months pregnant with our first daughter when we opened the doors, and we were about to start a journey that I can only describe as one of the most challenging and rewarding paths of our adult careers. I sit here now 5 years later, a mom of 2, and a business owner myself. Today, I'm thrilled to share with you something I've been compelled to do for quite some time as my journey has unfolded in this wonderful community I'm involved with called "Barbecue."

I always describe the business of barbecue much like the business of Football…everyone has their favorite “team” they like to rally behind, but at the end of the day we can all come together to support and celebrate the "sport" of barbecue, or as I like to call it, "For Love Of The Game."

I’m constantly amazed by how gracious, kind and supportive the people I meet along this barbecue trail can be, and its long inspired me to tell some of the stories of the folks I encounter. 

So, here we are. I'd like to introduce you to a particular set of people, which are some of the dynamic women that I meet on my daily interactions as a “Barbecue Wife.” There are a lot of “Barbecue Wives” I’d like you to meet, so we are going to take you on a trip starting in the great state of Texas, and don’t worry you don’t need a ticket….just hop aboard.

I'm lucky enough to have met a wonderful man that has played an enormous role in capturing the beauty in the visual story of Texas Barbecue, my friend and photographer, Wyatt McSpadden. Wyatt's travels take him far and wide to each corner of the great Lonestar State, and he will be my eyes on the trail in capturing the portraits of these "Barbecue Wives" we will be introducing you to. I'm honored to work with him and you will soon discover why he is so highly acclaimed for the work that he captures in such a beautiful way. 

What can you expect as we begin to reveal our  "Tales of A Barbecue Wife?" Well, some of these women we are going to visit with are owners of barbecue joints, Pit Bosses at legendary joints, behind the scenes “Jacquelyns of all Trades,” and/or the mom keeping it all together running the business and the homestead at the same time. It’s my goal to introduce you to as many of these inspiring women, from all walks of life that I meet.... and I do hope you enjoy the ride.

Thank you to all the “Barbecue Wives” who came before me and paved the way. We’ll keep blazing those trails in your honor.

Catherine Stiles